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As I said in the comment section, that’s because you never insert a Return, which would close the while loop.
Your code also has a single indentation error, where you have:
while (k Q:

Rails resources and controllers

I am getting up to speed with Rails, and I noticed that there are two ways of doing certain things.
say I have a model People and the controller person_controller.
For example, to get to a page the action of person_controller would be :new
but you could also access it via the url

But one way automatically generates an index action, which adds :index to the end of the URL, so that URL will go to :index
so I guess the choice is either to do one of the two, or to use something that does both, maybe is there a better way?


As you noticed, resources (routes) and controllers create a hierarchy.
A resource is a sub-set of the index route which, in turn, is a sub-set of the root path. (The default root path is still “/”)
If you have a link to /root/profile/1, that will work as expected. But if you have a link to /root/profile, the system will throw an error since /root/profile is not a valid root path.
So the answer is either:

Do not mix routing and controllers.
Use a Rails convention such as a subdomain to separate routing from the controllers.


Return highest value from sqlite table and delete row

I have a sqlite table (dbo.ts) that contains in it a date column (updated

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