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Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2006. The company developed the core programming language used to create all the games, and was later bought by Roblox in 2010.
Roblox was founded as a casual game platform, but the company quickly began to add more standard elements. The games, available through a website, were mainly similar to browser-based games. The developers and other players could watch each other’s progress via the game’s “Statistics” page, and other players could rate each other’s games. There was no central “leaderboard” for competition between players.
In 2007, Roblox released the first official game, Magi Chess. This game allowed the player to place chess pieces on a board, and saw players take turns moving pieces. From 2007 to 2009, Roblox released one official game per year, with seven releases in that span. Nine different developers worked on the seven games released in the 2007–2009 period.
The developer announced Roblox’s first game in 2006, Roblox Red. The first game was based on a story about an entity named Red who is cursed. The game was designed to be accessible to players who had never played video games, with no technology and no rules. Players had no objective except to survive in a dangerous world, and could avoid incoming monsters. In 2008, Roblox released Mob Wars, a game of simple base-building. In 2009, Roblox released a series of five games, the “Roblox R&D Game Series”, or simply R&D, as a sequel to Red.
In July 2010, Roblox was bought by German developer and publisher Rizomedia. The developers of Rizomedia are members of Roblox Corporation’s developers, and the purchase allowed Roblox to focus more on its platform.
The first major expansion to Roblox was announced in 2010, and was released in 2011. The title was based on the popular Lego game series, and included more than 100 pieces for construction. The Game Maker integrated the Lua programming language.
With the release of the more than 100 pieces, Roblox released a public beta version of the platform. In the beta, users could develop a single game by coding a program that was compiled and delivered to the player.
Over 50,000 beta codes were created for the games released in the Game Maker’s first year. The company released a map editor in November 2011. This program was


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Currency, game and virtual currencies, are items which can be used in-game.
Credits, or crystals, are a currency in Roblox. These crystals can be used to buy Robux, which can be used to buy cool stuff in the Roblox store.
Robux can be used to buy clothing, weapons and more in the Roblox store.
For more information, please see Roblox Glitch #1.

Robux are Roblox’s in-game currency.
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Percival M. Wilson

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What are Roblox sites?

Within the Roblox site, a player has their own games and items that they can play on. They can create their own game or items with materials provided by the Roblox site. Players can also sell their items and games to the Roblox site for additional robux.

Roblox sites need Robux to run. Players pay to buy Robux for extra robux every month. This is similar to any other video game site.

Why do players pay for Robux?

Roblox users pay for robux so that they can play more than one game, which then allows them to play in a higher diamond bracket than they would have played otherwise.

These points are based on a player’s rating. If you do not earn a certain amount of points on a game, you cannot play in the higher bracket.

Why do players need to sell their games and items for robux?

Players need to pay for robux to play a higher bracket game (higher ranking game). Usually, the game will only allow you to play in the highest ranked game.

Why do people get banned on Roblox if they sell their items and games?

Players that sell their items and games for robux are not given extra robux for their content. Players that sell content are not given any of the experience points, which they earn for playing the game.

This can be a huge advantage for players that were able to find a better deal by selling their items and games.

Other Roblox players usually do not like free robux, because they cannot compete with free robux players. Free robux players are similar to people that are starting out in any other profession.

Free robux players do not earn any of the experience points that players earn from playing the game. This helps to create a system where players that sell their content are in the best situation to earn the most robux per game and therefore have the best chance of winning.

Why are Roblox users banned if they use a Roblox client?

The best way to earn robux is with an official Roblox account. Robl


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If you have a PC with 10 or more USB ports, USB Type-C might already be a part of


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