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Roblox is a multiplayer game platform allowing players to create and play games, earn in-game currency, and connect with other players across the globe. The Roblox environment is a virtual game space comprised of 3D landscapes and characters. Players use proprietary software to program 3D game objects, or game “robloxes”, to build games within the Roblox environment. The user interface allows the user to drag and drop game objects, configure the appearance of game objects, and set game rules.
Roblox has four basic game types, game worlds, and themes. For each theme, there is a set of game worlds available for the player to travel to. When a player selects a theme, the player is taken to a game world which they can then enter. Within the game world, players can explore and travel to other game locations which are generated through procedural generation. Within the game environment, players can create game robloxes and game titles. Players may earn in-game currency, or Robux, for completing game tasks such as playing and winning games or visiting locations. The player may share their game roblox on their Roblox account, and other players may play the game.
Roblox User Interface:
The Roblox interface is based on a 3D spatial world with organic and flat game objects such as animals, birds, faces, items, and buildings. Players may use a mouse or keyboard to control the game environment.
Game worlds may be explored by the player and each game location has its own set of game objects, configuration options, and rules that set the context of the game world. Players can move through the game environment using an available control method or manually by walking. In most game worlds, players can also select and cycle through a set of unique game objects they wish to explore. Each time a player selects a game object, a camera follows the selected game object. Players may explore by clicking on game objects, discovering new game objects, interacting with other players, and battling with other players.
Players can create their own game environment by adding game objects to the game world and setting their own game rules. Players can change the appearance of the game objects by using the appearance editor. Game objects may be made movable, collidable, hidden or visible to other players.
Game objects offer several interaction methods that can be triggered by an user. Game objects can be destroyed when another game object touches it or when an object touches the ground. Game objects may also


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Roblox is an online platform where kids can create their own games, rolesplay, use items, play sports with friends, create their own graphics, avatar, and websites, join social groups and share creations. The ability for kids to experience everything they see on their TVs and computers in a virtual environment makes it popular with players of all ages. These games and apps are designed for most children with user interfaces that are both easy to use and educational. Roblox is a registered trademark of Roblox Inc.

The first Roblox game was a dungeon crawl where kids can battle, slay and kick ass. Back then it was called “Rollercoaster Rampage” and you could only play it on DOS. Roblox was originally designed by an ex-EA product manager, Trent Oster. As a company they have evolved over the years and they are currently the third largest game company in the world and have about 6 million users under the age of 10.

More info:

NOTE: The kids are seeing my posts! I love it.

As I’ve always said, when you want something done, ask a busy person. I’ve been looking over the emails for the past 2 days because I’ve been super busy with work and Roblox. You all asked me to make a topic about my next video so here it is. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now so I had to stop after making the mini article for the kids and make sure that the next video isn’t 2 hours long.

I’m going to make the next mini-article about a topic that you guys did not like in my previous video. My fans were quite upset after my last video and then after making the mini article for the kids, I’m


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Some of the biggest problems of the game are long waiting time and many things are not unlocked right away, and the game feels as if it is playing on an old PC, full of errors and glitches. You will have to wait for ages before you get any good things


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