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GEPRS is a telecommunications company in the Philippines. The company operates as a subsidiary of Globe Telecom.

The company was launched in 1995 by a consortium of investors led by Toshiba Electric Engineering Corporation, or TEECO. It signed the first telecommunications project then, the Manila Cellular Project. It also claimed then that it was the first LEC to have wireless access to public offices. However, Pacific Lighting Telecommunications Corporation had been operating in early 1990s also. Moreover, the first LEC with wireless access to public offices is Adelco-Grace, which already had wireless access to public offices, and was placed at the second place in the ranking.

Products and Services
GEPRS currently offers Wireless Broadband services, through Smart Radio Frequency, 3G network technology, through Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB), and IP Connectivity services, through Fixed-Line through broadband IPTV and through Mobile. Smart Radio Frequency systems are the first and only in the Philippines.

They also have a rolling out of an innovation to connect people with service providers through the use of GPS.

In December 2013, Globe Telecom signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Telekom Austria Schweiz (TAS) on the way forward in co-operation for international business. In February 2014, Telekom Austria Schweiz has invested ₨ 3.7 billion in GEPRS, which is a 47% stake in the company.

Business models

Home broadband Internet (ABID – Broadband Internet Delivery)
GEPRS launched the Home Broadband Internet Delivery (Home Broad




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