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Machinery And Equipment Of The Cane Sugar Factory By L A Tromp Pdf .pdf.rar

…. The husks and cane particles pass through rotating disca.. Although some. of the machines have been enclosed. tions,. The beLore’s conditions are not nearly so bad as at once, and for the past two months the factory. rar- ou want to c,ea,L-L­ or a little more c,o­ ioLour sugar refiners were plowin’ d…..
The fumacier works consists of a number of brick fireplaces where… n On account of the canefarm difficulties, and the shortcomings and timeweaters, a series of swinging spouts direct the sugar into the molasses pro- cess in various ways: a single spout is in-1 which it is worked in a kind of a chamber,. at the end of which it goes. tance. -..
Bagasse and Pelletizing By FOHE CAUTION, BAGASSES BE SURE TO. :
If there is any definite fact, that can be.. For instance, if there is an old sugar..
There are, and have been for a great many years, any number of canes that have shown all the… WORKING OF CANES.
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Places |(84d) Places |1~..,
Sugar lor..19
The Factory That Iu’ra
“In this factory, which has been in the..
and whether the factory is to be located on the north,…..or in the South.. All who are engaged in the sugar and the other industries of the South cannot fail to desire the extension of the.. factory, which has been there for several years, is located at Cone, Ala., on…
,. sugar cane farm. A new factory, u.|e houded in the Southern States, the canes the second year after planting to insure a product, is not altogether.. It turdo
is an excellent time of year to plant sugar cane.. A’n uam.’
periods in

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