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Roblox Corporation is a privately owned company founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel based in San Mateo, California. Its free-to-play online gaming platform was developed initially for children, but it has expanded to other demographics. The platform is used for programming games, a task that requires extensive understanding of scripting and AI. Users are able to create games in a variety of genres, such as defense and action. Users who make a purchase can use real-world money, Robux, for in-game benefits. As of September 2014, more than 15 million games have been created on the platform.
In December 2013, Roblox partnered with Y Combinator-backed startups. In May 2014, the platform launched a board game-themed version of the game editor called Roblox Studio, allowing users to create games based on different board game themes. In addition to programming, in-game features such as achievements and avatar customization can be added.

Roblox Description:
Roblox is a game development platform for creating 3D games and worlds that are shared online, similar to multiplayer game portals such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, for use on Roblox. The platform allows users to create games and environments in 3D, similar to Microsoft’s Game Studios Toolkit and Sony’s RPG Studio. Games can be played using a web browser or mobile apps, and the games can be played by users with or without a Roblox account.
The platform is free to download, but requires the purchase of Robux or other virtual currency (via microtransactions) for certain in-game items. Robux can be earned or bought in several ways, such as through spending real money, games, or other Roblox items, and can also be purchased in-game with real money from certain game and set vendors. Robux can be used to purchase special effects and other attributes for in-game objects and characters. Games typically have a set time limit for play unless they are played frequently or continued by the user without pausing. Roblox allows players to rate games and users and collaborate on group projects. The Roblox creative platform is free to use and has access to all of the platform’s content, but creators can monetize their content through in-game advertising, virtual items, and other business models. To use the platform, users must sign up for a Roblox account, but basic information is also provided for those that don’t sign up.


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Add “Roblox” in the name.

Click on “Get” and confirm the new token.

Navigate to “Play on Roblox” and check the “Start from Current” box.

Go back to the “Account” tab, then “My games” and then “Other Games”.

It should be installed.

Click “OK” to activate the new ID.

You are now playing on your own account.

Press the new “Play” button on your smartphone or tablet.

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